Board Election CPA
2020 CPA Election

2020 CPA Board of Directors Election

Congratulations to the four individuals elected to serve on the Board of Directors for three-year terms beginning January 1, 2021.

Libby Leone

Name: Libby Leone

Organization: CARC

Services Provided: HCBS, ICF

Statement of Goals: Before the COVID crisis, as everyone knows, the workforce was already in crisis. The wages and benefits for this caring type of work are already grossly uncompetitive and facing the rising pressure of a minimum wage increase, will sadly put many direct care workers leaning towards local food restaurants that are paying much better wages. 

We are taking care of some of the most vulnerable individuals and these workers need relief with increased wages so they can continue to support our individuals with developmental disabilities.

Working together we can improve the rights, services, and supports!!

Annissa Payne

Name: Annissa Payne

Organization: GB Cooley Hospital Service District

Services Provided: HCBS, ICF

Statement of Goals: I have worked with the Community Provider Association (CPA) for the past two years. If I am elected to continue to serve as a CPA Board Member, I will work diligently to continue to enhance services for people with disabilities through educating others on the importance of supporting and expanding the annual budget allotted so that agencies can continue to provide quality care and focus less on how to financially meet the essential needs for their program consumers and families.

I am committed to working with the CPA’s Executive Director and serving as an active member of the Events and Legislative Committees.  I am available to attend all scheduled or called board meetings as well as general membership meetings so that I can provide input in my area of expertise that will help promote the CPA’s mission and goals.


Doug Ryland

Name: Doug Ryland

Organization: Evergreen Life Services

Services Provided: HCBS, ICF

Statement of Goals:

Goal #1:  Assist the Community Provider Association to recruit new members.

Goal #2: Work alongside the Community Provider Association to diversify revenue streams, in an effort to reduce dependence on membership dues alone.

Goal #3: Actively work with Community Provider Association to ensure the needs of providers continue to be communicated to legislators and the Louisiana Department of Health.



Name: Bridgette Willson

Organization: Care, Inc.

Services Provided: HCBS

Statement of Goals: I believe that the CPA has made tremendous inroads over the past several years with our State and Local Leaders.  The leaders of the House, Senate and Governor’s office know who we are, what we do and who we represent.

I believe our challenge, as has been in the past and will continue into the future, is that most, if not all, of the services our members provide are considered “optional”.  This can only be addressed on a federal level.

Why is this important?  When budgets are tight – as they always seem to be in Louisiana – what gets cut?  “Optional” Services.  We must work with our Federal Partners to fix this.

We have a lot of smart talented members. I will work with the board and our members to encourage our current members to join our board and committees. 

I look forward to the time when we can all be together to talk, meet, commiserate, celebrate and strategize for 2021 and beyond.

At CPA, our goal is to connect with you.

To network, educate, and provide resources to you so that the state of Louisiana can grow in its services to people with disabilities.

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