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see our 2020 year in review:

  • Assisted members affected by the 2020 hurricane season
  • Fought cuts to disability services in the state budget
  • Hosted virtual gatherings throughout the year
  • Secured funding to help organizations affected by Covid-19




Community Provider Association

The association provides a forum through which its members can:

  • Influence state policies and regulations
  • Obtain information needed to remain competitive 
  • Participate in professional development opportunities
  • Network with others in the field
  • Have access to problem solving resources

Legislative work

Now that we have successfully raised our rates, the CPA is determining our 2020 legislative priorities. If you are interested in becoming a legislative advocate click the button below.


become a member

Changes are happening to the developmental disability service system. CPA members will have the opportunity to provide input regarding these changes and access to up-to-date information on these changes.

Legislative 2019 success

The Supplemental Appropriations Bill Was Signed.

This made sure that the restored rates that were in effect 4/1/2019, actually went back to January 1, 2019! It also added an increase for the Community Choices and LTPCS programs.

38.8 million was added to the 2020 budget. 

Funds are going to be used to rebase Community Residences (ICF) and continue the rate restorations for Waiver and SC providers. 

SB 51 was approved. 

This removes the requirements of CNA's to be a Louisiana Citizen. It was passed, and signed by the governor, and will go into effect on 8-1-2019.

HB 390 became law in Louisiana. 

From here on out - every year - the LDH will report to the Legislature 45 days prior to the session what provider rates are, what they should be, and the $ required to bring them current.  And, before any rates can be lowered, they must be approved by the joint budget committee.


Together we can make a difference!